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Grapefruit Curd

recipe from local kitchen

– zest & juice from 1 red grapefruit (75¢ @ Venice FM)
– 4 egg yolks
– 2/3 cup evaporated cane sugar
– 4 tbsp butter
– pinch sea salt

KA-POW. Whereas the Lemon Curd was in-your-face lemony, the grapefruit version is almost too subtle. I feel like I taste more eggs and sugar than actual citrus. Maybe more zest would have upped the ka-pow?

With all those egg whites left, it’s almost a shame not to make a little meringue and toss this puppy into a tart. That is, if I can stop eating it out of the jar.


Grapefruit Vodka

recipe from CHOW

– peel from 1 large red grapefruit (75¢ @ Venice FM)
– 750 mL vodka

THE WHOLE BEAST. This isn’t exactly nose-to-tail cooking, but I love when I can multitask with the different its ‘n bits of a star ingredient—in this case using the peel for infusing and the juice for curd. Canning for a New Generation is full of these magical acts. A particularly interesting one uses the papery skins from red onions to enhance the color of Hot Chile Jelly, then you transform the flesh into Sweet & Sour Pickled Red Onions. (Miss digest LA, I think a canning party is in order.)

TITOS vs 3OLIVES. Does the quality of vodka make a difference? The recipes I’ve encountered are pretty evenly split. I am not an avid vodka drinker so I’ll have to wait for an expert opinion on this one.

BITTERY. On first test, this brew seems to have a bitter aftertaste. I thought I was careful not to include any pith in the peels but maybe some sneaked in or I let it sit too long. Either way, I read that if this happens a tablespoon of grapefruit zest will right all wrongs.

I love Greyhounds and store-bought grapefruit vodka with tonic so this infusion was a no-brainer. Now I just need to revive my rosemary bush!