Brandied Peaches

recipe from

– 3 lbs peaches  (Yellow Autumns for $2.50/lb @ Culver City FM)
– 3 cups sugar
– ¾ cup brandy

WILD KINGDOM. As you can see above, these peaches brought a little buddy with them. He even survived blanching!

SPIKING & INFUSING. This is my first, of hopefully many, endeavors into the realm of spiked fruits and infused spirits. This article from is a great introduction and even inspired me to buy a case of quart jars! (Here I come, Mr. Rumtopf, you sexy beast you.)

PEELING. I knew my peach peeling luck would soon run out. Last week a good blanching worked like a charm but this week these yellow peaches would have none of it. I’d read that you could also try rubbing the peel with a towel and if that didn’t work, then you’d just have to use a paring knife. So much for easy tricks.

I’ve got boozy fruit tarts, drunken fools, and warm peaches over ice cream on my mind.

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