Peach Chocolate Dessert Sauce

recipe from local kitchen

– 3½ lbs peaches ($2.50/lb @ Culver City FM)
– 2 cups sugar (1 cup turbinado & 1 cup granulated)
– ½ cup Godiva chocolate liqueur
– 4 tbsp bottled lemon juice
– ½ cup sifted unsweetened cocoa
– ¼ tsp sea salt
– lemon juice (to prevent browning)

SPLATTER. Boy, did it ever. I’ve actually never seen anything like it. I knew the sauce was going to splatter, I saw local kitchen’s photo, yet still I thought my splatter guards and I would be able to protect the virtue of my brand new shiny stove. But no, in the end it was as if someone had played chocolate paint ball in my kitchen.

YELLOW AUTUMN vs WHITE SNOW. I really didn’t know which variety of peach to use. I love them both but they taste so different—super bear hug peachy vs subtle kiss on the cheek peachy. I went with the yellow Autumn bear hug variety since it’d probably marry better with all the cocoa and Godiva liqueur.

MACERATING. This means to mix the chopped fruit with sugar then cover and refrigerate for a few hours. The sugar will force out the fruit’s juices and enhance its natural sweetness. In this recipe she mentions that although she macerated her peaches for a few days, she felt that it didn’t really add to the flavors in the end so feel free to skip that step. Which I did, but what I didn’t do was account for that missing juice by adding extra water to the pan. So my juice/cocoa mixture boiled down much faster than in the recipe and almost burned before I knew what was happening. I think my common sense was out at the club or something.

I see a tub of vanilla ice cream in my future. (And many, many more Café Godivas.)

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