Charred Tomato & Chile Salsa

recipe from Canning for a New Generation, pg 169

– 5 lbs tomatoes ($2/lb @ Santa Monica 3rd St FM)
– 10 red jalapenos (I could only find green)
– 12 cloves garlic
– 3 small onions
– ½ cup cider vinegar
– 1 tbsp salt
– 2 tbsp sugar

BROILER + SMOKE ALARM. Another thing my stove hates: broiling. Three mins into my broil and the smoke alarms go off…at 7am. The tomatoes weren’t even close to blackened yet.

HEAT. I wussed out on adding 10 jalapenos so I deseeded 5 of them which made this salsa too tame, even for me.

TEXTURE. I think I had a lead finger on the food processor’s pulse button. I’d rather keep it on the chunky side next time.

// Update 10.10.2010 //

NEW BROILER. Ooooh so that little drawer on the bottom of the stove is for broiling and not storing pans!

HEAT. This time I did not wuss out but put in all 10 jalapenos and their seeds. The heat was perfect, even for my dainty palate.

Salsa + chips + cold beer + couch + TV

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