Strawberry Lemon Preserves

recipe from Canning for a New Generation, pg 32

– 3 lbs strawberries ($5 for 3 lbs @ Playa Vista FM)
– 1½ cups sugar
– 2 lemons

POPPING MY STRAWBERRY. This being my first canning endeavor, everything was a learning experience! But the main thing that stood out is that I have to try to stay focused, organized, and prepared—especially in my “cozy” kitchen. These 3 things do not come naturally to me in the kitchen.

PLAYA VISTA FARMERS MARKET. I love the vibe of this place but my batch of strawberries had some moldies at the bottom of the pile. Plus the selection is on the meek side.

SWEETNESS. The lemon was almost overpowering. But maybe it’s just that I’m not accustomed to preserves made from fresh produce?

A smear of this onto peanut butter toast became my morning staple for a while.

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